5D Healing Crystals



This star is an earth element and brings disease, sickness, health problems. It takes up residence in the Southeast. If your main door or bedroom is in the Southeast, or you are born in a DRAGON or SNAKE year, you must use strong Feng Shui cures to repress the negative energy flowing from this star. The effects of this star will be worsened by the Yin House and the Robbery House from the 24 Mountains. Suppress the illness energy of this star with a Brass Wu lou tied with a blue ribbon. Crystal chips will also be included. The Wulou has been the ultimate symbol of longevity, good health and prosperity for many centuries and is always shown carried by the God of Longevity as an elixir of good health and immortality. The Wu Lou, also known as the Hu Lu or calabash is an important tool used in bringing plenty of blessings and good Feng Shui into the home. The shape itself of the Wu Lou plays an important role in its image; it is a depiction of heaven and earth unified. The top half of the gourd symbolizes heaven, and the bottom half is earth. The use of the gourd by humans indicates the harmony between earth, heaven and humanity. A Wu Lou made from brass or metal is the perfect Feng Shui cure for Flying Star Feng Shui devotees, as it will prevent the dreaded #2 illness star from causing havoc in your life. Place this Feng Shui cure wherever you see the #2 sickness Flying Star appears. It is reputed to absorb the sometimes deadly bad chi, absorbing the effects of any injuries, ailments, and fatal illnesses.

Material: brass H: 6.5 inches W: 3 inches


A printed manual on activation and proper placement for the next 3 years will be included.

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