5D Healing Crystals



5D Business Magnate™ Bracelet— a powerhouse of crystals meticulously chosen for success, leadership, unlock your full potential, sharpen decision-making, and provide unparalleled clarity, vision, and insight.

Leadership Mastery: The 5D Business Magnate™ Bracelet empowers you with the energy to lead with confidence and authority.

Wealth Attraction: Allow the crystals to magnetize continuous wealth into your business, fostering prosperity and financial success.

Decision-Making Prowess: Enhance your ability to make strategic decisions with confidence and clarity.

Visionary Insight: Gain unparalleled insight and vision, enabling you to see opportunities others may miss.

Protection Shield: Provides a powerful shield against negativity, safeguarding your business and promoting a harmonious work environment.

Comes with a Crystalline's Manual, Affirmation Card, and Cleansing Guide.

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