5D Healing Crystals



As we are in Period 9, this star brings good fortune, especially to Matriarchs. It also directly benefits the SHEEP and MONKEY, bestowing fame, wealth and new opportunities, but everyone can enjoy its auspicious energies. As a number of completion, it brings important projects started prior to this year to a successful conclusion. When activated and blessed by it, you can expect career advancement, good reputation, good opportunities for wealth accumulation and happy tidings. This Star also brings fame and recognition luck, where your talents, skills and hard work will be recognized and acknowledged. The auspicious golden wealth bowl contains 9 money magnet crystals [aventurine, citrine, sunstone, tiger's eye, amethyst, pyrite, carnelian, yellow aventurine, tree agate] and 9 emperor coins to be placed within the bowl. As the year progresses, you can continue filling the bowl with coins, cash and other precious gemstones and artifacts you collect along the way, to signify a growth of wealth and abundance.


H: 3 inches

W: 4 inches

A printed activation guide and proper placement for the next 3 years will be provided.

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