5D Healing Crystals


The #1 Victory Star brings the luck of success and triumph in all competitive pursuits but it must be ACTIVATED and STRENGTHENED. This auspicious star is associated with reputation, good name and fame. The Dragon has an imperial and unsurpassed status. The Chinese emperors called themselves the dragons which shows how prestigious they were being considered. The Dragon brings upon the essence of life, in the form of its celestial breath, known to many as sheng chi. Dragon is often seen as the heaven’s supreme symbol of vigilance and incredible strength. The dragon represents sunrise, good beginning and hope. Having a dragon in any part of your home or premises or even in your car is auspicious as it represents ultimate Feng Shui for the well-being of the entire family. The dragon has almost never failed to become the most important pillar of luck for wealth, career and business. It is the emblem of financial growth, powerful protection, authority, success, wealth and reputation. Its potency is magnified due to the power of “8”, the symbol of infinity. Those displaying this powerful symbol will have the influence of the power of infinity 8 and thus enjoy endless good luck and happiness. Display this dragon in offices and in living rooms to multiply your health luck, wealth luck, relationship luck and extreme good fortune in all areas of your life. Material: Resin H: 6.7 inches A printed activation guide, proper placement for the next 3 years, and Do's and Don'ts will be provided.

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