5D Healing Crystals


"Embark on a journey of heightened intuition and spiritual insight with 5D Inner Vision™ Bracelet. Carefully curated with the potent energies of Blue Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Angelite, Amethyst, Clear quartz and Labradorite, this exquisite bracelet is your gateway to a deeper connection with your higher self. 🔮✨ Key Features: 1️⃣ Blue Kyanite: Facilitates clear communication and enhances psychic abilities. 2️⃣ Lapis Lazuli: Promotes inner vision, wisdom, and spiritual insight. 3️⃣ Angelite: Connects you with angelic realms, fostering divine communication. 4️⃣ Amethyst: Aids in spiritual growth, protection, and intuitive awareness. 5️⃣ Labradorite: Unveils hidden truths, enhances intuition, and strengthens spiritual connections. This set comes with a box, a Crystallines' Manual, Affirmation Card and Cleansing Guide. 

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