5D Healing Crystals



The 5D Inspired Creativity™ Bracelet is a tribute to your artistic spirit - a constant reminder that your creativity is boundless and your self-expression is a masterpiece in the making.

Creative Spark: The Inspired Creativity Bracelet serves as a catalyst for igniting your creative spark, encouraging ideas to flow effortlessly.

Self-Expression: Express your unique voice and perspective with enhanced self-expression, allowing your creativity to shine authentically.

Originality Amplified: Immerse yourself in the energy of originality, as the bracelet empowers you to explore new dimensions of creativity and innovation.

Comes with a Crystalline's Manual, Affirmation Card, and Cleansing Guide. 

Every crystal bracelet from The 5D Collection undergoes a meticulous process of cleansing and empowerment before it reaches your hands. We understand the significance of the energy that crystals carry, and our commitment is to provide you with not just a piece of jewelry, but a wearable source of positive vibes, inspiration, and healing. Infinite Love and Blessings!

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