5D Healing Crystals


The #3 Quarrelsome Star is responsible for headaches associated with lawsuits, arguments, misunderstandings, backstabbing, bureaucracy and quarrels with business partners. Office politics is magnified due to the presence of this star! This star can damage relationships, from intimate to professional. Rose Quartz is known for its association with love and harmony, promotes a positive and peaceful atmosphere, counterbalancing the discordant energies brought by the Quarrelsome Star #3. The Rose Quartz money tree will not only improve relationships, but personal characteristics as well. For example, with use of this money tree crystal, one will develop a heightened sense of tenderness, allowing you to be more open and understanding to those around you. This will also lead to a sense of contentment. Negative emotions such as jealousy, guilt, resentment and anger will be dispelled while positive ones like inner-peace, acceptance of your true self, self-love and self-esteem will be boosted. As a result, you will become a much happier person and naturally a more beautiful person - hence more attractive to people around you. In rooms where fights and arguments occur, place the Rose Quartz Money Tree with carnelian heart and red jasper – doing so is said to create harmony, calm nerves, preventing any forms of violent outbreaks as well as tightening the bonds between everyone in the household. H: 6 inches W: 5 inches A detailed instruction on Activation and proper placement will be provided.

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