5D Healing Crystals

Pure Copper Ring Handmade By 5D 432hz

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 Crafted with Positive Good Intentions

Blessed, Cleansed and Changed with pure love đź’• and positive energy

Studies have shown that copper can kill many types of germs on contact. According to a 2015 study published in Health Environments Research and Design Journal, some of the common germs copper has been proven to kill are:


* #weightloss Ring

* #arthritis


* E. coli

* Influenza A

* Norovirus and coronaviruses—including the novel strain currently causing the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since Ancient times Copper has been used for many healing and metaphysical benefits. Copper is a Natural Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial metal with the ability to kill harmful microbes in a short period of time. It is a required mineral for metabolic function and assists with reducing inflammation, arthritis, headaches, circulation and improves digestion function. Copper is a highly conductive metal, excellent for amplifying and increasing energy flow. It is used for Chakra healing and balancing and worn widely during Meditation practices. Copper is said to bring Peace and Harmony to the persons wearing it and protect against negative energies. Copper jewelry should not be used as substitute for medical care by medical professionals. 


* It’s the perfect way to get the right copper amount in your system through the skin. If the skin is green or blue after wearing the ring it means the body is in need of his mineral and it is absorbing it. If no discoloration then your body is not absorbing it. It’s very rare that a person would be copper deficient but it does occur.

* This frequency mainly works on the physical and aspects of life.

* helps materialize ideas, attracts abundance.

* has a vertical energy field.

* works well against pain.

* helps with grounding.

* elements of earth and water.

* connects beings with the earth.

* works well at eliminating unhealthy energy fields (such as the hartmann grid, curry grid).

* neutralize wifi radiation.

* Works perfectly against a polluted environment.

* works very well with the Lost Cubit and the Empowerment cubit.

Note: Adjustable Open Ring

crafted with positive good intention

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