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2023 Snake Zodiac Bracelet


1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

2023 SNAKE bracelet

There are various cultural significances when it comes to the Snake, which has been associated with longevity, luck and authority. It is believed that those born in the year of the Snake are beautiful and have an innately elegant personality. You already know that you are intelligent and enterprising. 

Highly aware and perceptive, you have great insights on many aspects in life. You don’t reveal your thoughts or emotions easily, and others may find you inscrutable or even unapproachable at times. Beneath your calm and indifferent exterior lies a passionate person, which others will get to know only if they are in your inner circle. Despite being a logical thinker, you may become jealous and possessive in the company of your loved ones.
Strengths: Analytical, generous, perceptive, wise
Weaknesses: Possessive, distrustful, jealous, insecure
Most compatible signs: Ox, Monkey, Rooster
Least compatible sign: Pig

2023 Outlook 

Despite a dip in luck, your ability to deal with stress has improved and you can still make stable progress. With the Voyager Star (驿马) and Star of Aid (天乙), you will become more motivated and socially adept, with new learning opportunities awaiting you. While there are many work challenges, they signify fresh beginnings that allow you to reach new levels of success. Control your emotions and stay positive. Be careful of unlucky stars that pose threats to your health and safety.

Another awesome year awaits the SNAKE! Your element luck brings exciting opportunities your way. You are also blessed with the passion and energy to turn all your aspirations into reality. With not one but three Auspicious Stars, all you need is the courage to chase those dreams. Activate abundant good fortune with the SNAKE bracelet to not let those big breaks get away! The only blemish is the Quarrelsome Star in your sector. If you can avoid getting embroiled in conflict situations, the world is your oyster!

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