5D Healing Crystals

5D Money Magnet Bracelet v0.3


5D Money Magnet Bracelet v0.3

Authentic semi precious stones

Pyrite - Its creative energies accompanied by the energies of Atacamite will also help you manifest your desires and encourage you to chase your dreams.Pyrite will help you achieve your dreams and incorporate the energies of Pyrite in your methods.
This stone will positively influence you in your business decisions. It will inspire you to reach for greatness and to get things done.
It will increase the flow of money and the amount of abundance.
This stone will bring a revitalizing energy to your workspace, which will help you overcome laziness, procrastination, or lack of discipline.

#Blue Tiger's Eye - provides courage and confidence, releases fear and anxiety and attracts wealth. also popular to bring luck and prosperity. Blue Tiger's an authoritative yet soothing stone which assists in thinking with clarity and acting from a place of integrity.

#Brown/ #golden #Tigers_eye - Tigers Eye, Luck and Wealth. Tigers eye is a golden stone. It's an excellent stone to have with you if you're looking to increase your wealth, boost your money flow, or create more opportunities for growth or expansion. Tigers eye stone will work in strengthening your willpower and your intention to succeed.

#Red Tiger’s Eye And Wealth
The energies of Red Tiger’s Eye will add passion and vitality to any project that you’re working on or any pursuit that you are involved with. It will also encourage you to make practical decisions and choices.
It says a lot about your creativity and resourcefulness when you can achieve something extraordinary using limited or budgeted resources.
Red Tiger’s Eye will strengthen your willpower to stay committed to your projects, overcome your challenges, and have backup plans if the original one doesn’t work.
It will keep your motivation high because you will be filled with energy and enthusiasm.
You will enjoy good fortune and good luck, and you will find that you are full of new ideas to keep you busy.

#Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.  It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.
This crystal aids serendipity, coincidence and synchronicity to flow in your life.

#Jade- This member of the green gemstone family attracts harmony, giving you the ability to think clearly and keep calm. These are vital characteristics in someone who wants to manifest wealth in their life.

#Golden Rutilated quartz, can attract wealth quickly; this is also a stone of amplification and can be placed next to another abundance stone like #Jade or tigers eye to amplify the effects of abundance.
A fortune power stone for business.
Said to be the strongest stone among crystals. It is famous for pulling up all luck and strengthening the meaning of the other stones combined.
Among them, Said to be a power stone specializing in the effect of enhancing "fortune".

Disclaimer : The crystal bracelets are made from real natural stones that can vary in color, texture, and pattern. We try our best to ensure that our stone colors are consistent. However, all stones may not be exactly as shown on the website.

Our stones may appear lighter, darker, or have variations due to natural conditions. Colours may vary slightly from piece to piece; making each bracelet unique, just like you.

By purchasing any one of 5D Healing Crystals bracelets, you accept the terms of this disclaimer.

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