5D Healing Crystals

7 Chakra Tumbled set

₱600 ₱700

We have 7 major energy centers or chakras. These chakras get 'gunked up' with our emotions, our mental perspective, for starters. Or, we get off track on our spiritual path we wanted to take.

When a chakra has debris in it (positive ions), is blocked or has been injured (spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically), then cleaning it or them out, can help us process through the experience soon.

Clear Quartz - the Crown Chakra

Amethyst -  Third-Eye Chakra

Lapis lazuli -  Throat Chakra

Aventurine - Heart Chakra)

Citrine - Navel Chakra

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra

Black tourmaline - Root Chakra

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