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Amazonite High Quality Bracelet

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Amazonite possesses powerful healing properties that contribute to physical well-being, emotional balance, and energy healing. It is known for its ability to filter out stress, heal traumas, and create a soothing atmosphere in both homes and workplaces.

This harmonious stone promotes inner peace and fosters harmony among individuals. It encourages open and honest communication, allowing one to express true thoughts and feelings without becoming excessively emotional. By stimulating the heart chakra, Amazonite nurtures compassion and empathy. When used during sleep, it can bring unconscious conflicts to the forefront through symbolic dreams. During meditation, Amazonite promotes self-awareness, enabling the integration of all aspects of oneself. Its truth-enhancing properties allow one to trust the visions, dreams, and intuitions that arise during its use.

Furthermore, Amazonite has the ability to empower individuals in manifesting their dreams and desires. By working through the throat chakra, it amplifies intentions, which must be spoken aloud. When holding an Amazonite and affirming aloud one's aspirations, it significantly enhances the ability to bring them into reality. This gemstone recognizes the profound impact of spoken words, reflecting the belief in Genesis that the Universe was created through divine speech. Amazonite teaches us to embrace truthfulness and transform our spoken words into tangible outcomes.

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