5D Healing Crystals

Amethyst Geode Cathedral

₱15,000 ₱20,000

Owning an amethyst cathedral means you Own piece of the earth that existed millions of years ago. Perhaps, the ancient wisdom that is contained in the amethyst is the reason it holds such transformative, healing power.”

After the passing of millions of years, combined with high pressure and heat, Mother Nature has done her work creating beautiful treasures inside basalt cavities. A masterpiece has truly emerged out of what was once a hollow nothing.

Mankind then takes her beauty and preserves it with a man-made process. The process is tedious but absolutely worth it since it is what allows so many of us to benefit from the amethyst's beauty and healing properties.

Amethyst geodes are fascinating in an of themselves, but the entire process of how an amethyst cathedral is created, both by nature and with the help of mankind, is quite intriguing.

Now, when you look at your amethyst cathedral, you can envision the millions of years it spent forming its layers and growing its amethyst crystals safely inside its cocoon.

11X7X6 inches

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