5D Healing Crystals



Wearing this stone is believed to have a calming effect on you and connect you easily to your spirit guides and guardian angels.

It is known to support you in conquering your fears and in removing the blockages in your life.

Angelite energies also have the ability to sharpen your skills in clairvoyance and telepathy.

They connect you to your higher self and facilitate astral travel.

They also encourage forgiveness in all levels.

This stone will be very beneficial if you want to discover your life’s purpose.

Angelite can also be used for feng shui and placed in your home for balance and harmony, as well as wisdom and knowledge.

The soft blue colors of Angelite are very calming and comforting. They promote an angelic energy that will fill you with profound peace.

You can carry it with you to enhance the serenity and tranquility in your life.

Angelite is a stone that promotes a spiritual communication with the angels, with your higher self, and with the spiritual realm.

It’s also known to help you communicate with your loved ones who have passed on.

Its energies provide healing to your guilt, loss, grief, and emotional pains.

Having a piece of this crystal near your bed can help you sleep better at night and strengthen your dream recall.

Angelite is a gorgeous stone that is used in creating special handcrafted jewelry that will bring profound peace and serenity by connecting with the angelic realm.

Angelite can strengthen your sense of compassion and help you deal the emotionally stressful or overwhelming situations.

Wearing or carrying Angelite stones with you will also help balance your throat chakra.

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