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Black Azeztulite Bracelet (Rare)


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 “Black Azeztulite is a stone of the Midnight Sun. It is related to the huge Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, and it represents the moment of the Singularity, in which all the laws of the universe become fluid and changeable. It is a stone of the Zero Point, and as such it can be a very powerful catalyst for spiritual transformation. When one fully attunes to Black Azeztulite, one can change literally anything about oneself, and can ultimately create profound changes in the outer world as well. Making both sorts of changes involves a commitment of one’s will which is free from hesitation or doubt. If one can fully focus in this way, the co-creative potential of working with these stones is unlimited.

As a stone of spiritual self-healing, Black Azeztulite is very powerful indeed. It naturally works to cleanse and clear one’s body and energy field of negative energies, disharmonious attachments, implants, psychic parasites and inappropriate karmic patterns. This stone means business! It suggests that it can be applied in the spiritual healing of conditions in which the body attacks itself, as in cancer and autoimmune illnesses. Yet its power to dispel what is negative is coupled with an infusion of blissful and even ecstatic Light. This Light reminds of who and what we truly are, and this can be the most profound healing of all. To awaken to the real memory that we are emanations of Divinity rather than isolated personalities is perhaps the greatest gift these stones can convey.

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