5D Healing Crystals

Blue Diamond Necklace/Bracelet


Only 2 pieces in stock!

2 to 3mm raw nuggets
Approx. 17 cts
16 inches

Blue diamonds respresent regalness and a richness of the self. The Greek word for diamonds, adamas, means invincible. Diamonds can help you tap into that part of you that dares to dream. You can use diamonds to help you focus your intentions on your true desires. Diamonds have a cleaning and clearing effect, so you can use them to clear your energetic field.

A symbol of purity, the Diamond’s pure white light helps to bring our lives into a cohesive whole.  It brings love and clarity into partnerships, bonding relationships.  Diamond is a sign of commitment and fidelity, and instills trust to relationships and situations.  It inspires the forces of accumulation, attracting the manifestation of abundance. 

Diamond is an energy amplifier.  It is a stone that never requires recharging.  It will bring strength and endurance to all energies and will enhance the power of other crystals.  However, beware, as this means it will increase negative energy as well as positive!  Excellent for blocking electromagnetic stress and for protection against cell phone emanations. 

Diamond imparts fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude.  It clears emotional and mental pain, reducing fear and bringing about new beginnings.  Stimulates creativity, inventiveness, imagination and ingenuity.  It brings clarity of mind and aids enlightenment.  Diamond allows the soul light to shine out.  It aids spiritual evolution and reminds you of your soul’s aspirations.

Diamond purifies and detoxifies all of the body’s systems, rebalancing the metabolism, and building up stamina, strength and treating allergies and chronic conditions.  It also helps glaucoma and clears sight.  Diamond effectively treats dizziness and vertigo, and benefits the brain.  Counteracts poisoning.

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