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Bracelet for safe driving or in a vehicle

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Bracelet to Wear When #Driving or in a #Vehicle

#Rose Quartz - Excellent for people who do not drive, but have to go on a flight, train, bus or caravan, Rose quartz protects you from the accidents caused by the carelessness of others too.

#Black #tourmaline - Ideal for those searching for empathic healing too, black tourmaline is excellent for removing negativity from others on road. It’s a guardian stone that pushes off your negativity and keeps you safe.

#Amethyst - Ideal for personal protection, amethyst should be in contact with your skinif you drive or spend most of your time in a vehicle. For caravanners and RVers too, Amethyst helps to repel physical accidents as well as motion sickness.

#Garnet - Yet another healing crystal for physical protection, Garnet helps to calm down anxieties concurrently providing you with protection. It protects wearers against extreme injuries and it was known to be a warrior’s stone used to protect from the perils of journey throughout history too.

#Smokey #Quartz - An outstanding crystal used for grounding effects, wearing Smokey quartz when driving or travelling will divert the negativity and channel it into positivity. Any Quartz stone actively absorbs negativity from around and relaxes your mind, simultaneously guarding you when trotting dark and remote places.

#kambaba #Jasper - In addition to ensuring the safest of astral travel, Jasper works as a travel amulet when placed over the sacral and anahata Chakras. Jasper is considered auspicious as well as guarding when worn through a voyage for a traveler as well as a driver.

#Carnelian - In addition to boosting the focus of a driver, Carnelian protects from car accidents and another physical injury during travel. Carnelian also protects its user from evil eye and accidents due to the environment or other’s faults. The best protection stone, Carnelian is also the birthstone of August born people or Leos.

#black #obsidian - Ideal crystal used to remove the dark smog of uncertainty from evil, Black Obsidian is ideal for travellers of public transport. Black Obsidian is recorded in history for being a shielding powerful stone. With excellent intuitive and divination powers, wearing Obsidian can help you sight danger from far ahead too!

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