5D Healing Crystals

Weight Loss Bracelet



This stone has some amazing healing properties and is quite effective when trying to shed kilos. The royal blue crystal helps to boost your metabolism and encourages you to make healthy food choices. Sodalite increases consciousness and soothes your cravings. You can use this stone to get some relief from stress and tension.



helps you feel alive and enthusiastic & is also known to  improve  metabolism and reduce hunger pangs.It warms the body, increasing metabolism and digestion. It stimulates self-healing powers, regulating and harmonizing all of the organs.



Clear white quartz is thought to be a protective stone that can clear negative energy. That makes it a great choice to carry in your purse or pocket. Some folks even place one under their pillow 💤.

Some believe this crystal could also contribute to motivation, which might be helpful when you’re trying to eat healthy foods and exercise.



Blue apatite? More like blue appetite, #amiright? This true blue stone is considered a hunger suppressant, so it might help curb your cravings.

Blue apatite is also associated with focus, harmony, acceptance, and communication.



Iolite stans say this stone can turn you into the Energizer Bunny. In addition to increasing vitality levels, peeps also say it helps release accumulated fatty deposits.

FYI: This stone is a popular meditation companion.

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