5D Healing Crystals


Carnelian stimulates joy and motivation, encouraging you to approach life with enthusiasm and a zest for new experiences. Sunstone embodies the energy of the sun, promoting optimism, abundance, and vitality. Let Sunstone be your daily reminder that each moment is an opportunity for joy. Yellow Calcite is a beacon of positivity, helping to dispel negativity and enhance your overall sense of well-being. Yellow Calcite is your sunshine on cloudy days. Citrine is a stone for happiness. Also known as the "Merchant's Stone," it attracts wealth and prosperity, both in material and emotional aspects. It will magnify your joy and illuminate your life with positivity. Rose Quartz will open your heart to love and compassion. This crystal promotes self-love and emotional healing, creating a foundation for joy to blossom from within. Amazonite invokes a sense of calm optimism. This soothing stone encourages a positive outlook by dispelling negative thoughts and emotions. Jade will cultivate harmony and balance in your journey towards happiness. This stone also promotes wisdom, peace, and good fortune.

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