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Chrysocolla Tumbled


As the ancient Buddhist proverb says, "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." In other words, the road to happiness in the truest form starts with clearing your head of negative thought patterns. Chrysocolla crystal healing properties help to purify energy fields, which increase your capacity to love, the best medicine for healing. Chrysocolla is a rock star for empowering feminine energy in men and women because it’s deeply connected to the vibration of the earth, which vibrates with the purest energy of love.

It also opens the throat chakra, which boosts clear communication and self-expression by drawing negativity from the body. Whatever challenge you're facing, whether it's a break up or job loss, the stone calms emotions so you canheal and move on with your life instead of dwelling on past mistakes. Everyone suffers from daily stress and worry, a typical cause of communication problems, but this stone clears the mind of distracting thoughts and guides us towards a higher consciousness.

Encourage loving communication in your life by placing the stone on the breastbone or throat to detox and rebuild strength during extreme stress or illness. Lying flat on your back with your legs uncrossed, ease your breathing by placing the stone over your heart chakra, which connects to the throat, the energy center of expression.


If you’re in need of a major life transformation, sow the seeds of inspiration with a meditation ritual that incorporates the Chrysocolla crystal stone meaning and inspires new beginnings. In a sacred, clutter free healing space, prepare for your therapeutic session with this beautiful stone by first smudging the room and crystals with a sage smudge stick. Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand, which is linked with dynamic energy. Close your eyes and sit quietly with the stone for 20 minutes, letting go of all thoughts and expectations. When your head is clear, visualize an egg, seeing yourself in the center yolk, a vision that symbolizes the origins of your birth. On a scientific level, the mind doesn't know the difference between what it sees in your consciousness and what's happening in the physical world, making your mind a powerful tool for healing in combination with Chrysocolla.

Armed with that kind of mind power, this stone helps us build a strong connection to the planet by perceiving it as spiritual being. Referred to as ‘Gaia,’ this ancient Greek name for the earth as Mother Goddess is associated with the Chrysocolla meaning and how the planet gives to her children in need. In the science world, this philosophy explains the earth’s interactive ecological system and how we play an integral part of a larger consciousness that connects all living things. Its striking shade of blue-green reminds us that our planet is a living thing. Conjuring up images of dolphins frolicking in the ocean, this gem instantly brings us back to the sea and our sense of whimsical abandon.

As the Buddhist proverb states, we are shaped by our thoughts, which makes this stone a miraculous manifestation tool that helps turn your dreams into reality. Imagine your visualization growing bigger and bigger, seeing and feeling it come to life as a new seed planted in the universe. Open your eyes and write down anything you would do in this moment to make your dreams a reality. Place the crystal on the shelf next to your action checklist and meditate with it every day, always keeping it close by as your trusted wingman guiding you on your new journey.

Found in deposits alongside its cousins Blue Azuriteand Malachite, this gemstone forms amorphous shapes called stalactites, which contribute to its ability to create a flow of positive energy that helps you adapt to changes during a spiritual transformation.

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