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Double Happiness Burmese Jade with Mystic Knot 10mm

₱1,888 ₱2,500

Double Happiness Burmese Jade
with Mystic Knot
Bead size: 10mm


Mystic knot (aka eternal, endless or lucky knot) is an auspicious symbol for wealth, protection and everlasting love.

mystic knot is used to represent a harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, misfortunes or accidents. Because of this, the symbol is often used in feng shui amulets for abundance, love and protection. This interesting design can be used to decorate wind chimes, make a clasp for a purse or to make a pendant for a necklace.

The mystic knot is also used as a symbol to protect against heart break, illness, suffering, accidents, misfortunes, danger etc. Rubbing the knot is also believed to help anger or fear to subside and allow for mental clarity. It is also recommended for people who are making their long journeys abroad as it will protect them from accidents, thefts and kidnaps. The mystic knot carved out gems like agate, jade and rose quartz crystal considered most auspicious.

Double Happiness Symbol - this auspicious symbol of marriage luck and potent love charm is created in the form of two Chinese characters placed together; both of these characters mean “happiness”. These two letterings are connected by two parallel lines – this is a representation of an everlasting and blissful bond between couples, as well as the presence of double blessings from the heavens.

It serves many roles in romance; for those who are single, the Double Happiness Symbol will attract a loyal and desirable partner. For couples who are dating, it will make the relationship more serious to solidify and stabilize it. For those who are already married, this love charm will keep your love alive and revitalized.

The Double Happiness Symbol also promotes loyalty, eliminating all outside forces and people which threaten the relationship.

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