5D Healing Crystals




Properties: This is an ancient stone used for thousands of years by Prehistoric man to create spark for fire and for making weapons. Known as “knapping”, flint would be struck on an angle, leaving the sharp edges exposed. This was perfect for fashioning axes and arrowheads. These relics have been known for centuries as “Elf Shot”. This refers to flint’s very strong metaphysical history. Elf Shot referred to the belief that elves or fairies would shoot an object, visible or invisible, into an animal or sometimes human, causing it to suffer in pain from the flint arrow. This was often called “elf-stroke”, from which we got the word stroke, meaning a paralytic seizure.

Flint has been used for protection throughout history. Both in Scotland and in Ireland, flint has been used as an amulet worn for protection against evil, including mischievous fairies and elves. Shaman throughout the world have utilized this stone in ritual circles, as remedies for clearing unwanted spirits and negative energy as well as for rituals to exorcise earthbound spirits form places, which are haunted. Flint can be used as a protective weapon when undergoing a spiritual quest or astral journey. Flint represents the powers of elemental Earth and Fire.

Flint has a strong psychological connection to self-esteem and courage. Especially for those in advanced years to boost self-love and to overcome shyness. Flint shows us how to encourage intellectual, rational and physical strength. It is also very useful during confrontations, arguments and disputes as it helps us to take the “higher road of understanding” from a more rational view point. Flint can be slipped under your pillow at night to ward off nightmares or an overactive mind as a result of these confrontations or disputes. It will, therefore help us to provide insight in order to deal with contrary influences. Helping us to sever emotional ties which keep us bound to stressful situations, ties to your past or fearful situations. Flint should be used as a talisman to banish anything you want removed from your life including illness, addiction, or ill wishes.

This is an important stone for grounding energies in order to recognize a sense of spirituality. Clearing the mind, it heightens spiritual insight and sacred consciousness. Helps us become more aware of the higher levels of reality. When used on the Root Chakra it stabilizes our sense of security and allow the other end of our spectrum, or Crown Chakra to be more in tune with the infinite. This is how flint assists us in the transfer of thoughts, information and ideas.

Crop Circle Flint
Properties: This natural flint found inside Crop Circles in England, releases a very powerful current of energy, which can be felt when you handle them. This flint holds the vibrational patterns of crop circles themselves, and can act as evolutionary talismans, accelerating the path of one’s spiritual awakening and opening a path for inner communication with the Circle Makers. This light infused stone is believed to help awaken the blueprint of human destiny in relationship with the outer celestial energies.

Folk Remedies: Flint is an overall body generator. Like quartz, it stimulates all tissue. As a healing stone, flint is reputed to treat the lungs and liver, our two greatest organs for detoxing.

Feng Shui: Can be used in any area of the house for grounding, centering and clearing negative energy. Use in the Center area for health, organization and balance. Use in the East or Family area to honor your ancestors and in the Northwest or Travel area for physical, spiritual or astral journeys.

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