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Roman #Good #Luck #Goddess
Roman Goddess of Chance and Good Luck
You’ll be lucky! She wears a blindfold to make sure she’s completely random and impartial. Her symbol is the Wheel of Fortune. Give it a spin and see if you win!

When the Romans were looking for a Good Luck Goddess, they took a chance on the Greek TYCHE, who’s function was to bring random good luck. With a fresh supply of dice and a new name, the revamped FORTUNA became extremely popular among the Roman betting community.

FORTUNA’s name actually means ‘Lot Distributor’ — because at her temple there was lots on offer. Card games, fruit machines, roulette...

And between games, visitors would draw the lots and priests would use them to interpret the future. So, despite what you might have heard, gambling is really quite respectable. It was good enough for Caesar in his Palace, wasn’t it?

As in ancient times, FORTUNA is still very popular in the big city, where she has temples, casinos and the Wheel Of Fortuna television game show. The Horn of Plenty could be yours! Unlimited cornucopias to be won! Place your bets and take a chance now! Just make sure the Odds and the Gods are on your side.

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