5D Healing Crystals



#Grandidierite is a blue-green to transparent mineral and has been described as "one of the rarest gems on this planet"


Grandidierite is magnesium aluminum borosilicate and one of the world's rarest gems. In fact, it is often listed as one of the top ten rarest gemstones and one of the most expensive stones in the world. Specimens of grandidierite are rare even in mineral collections and museums. The name, grandidierite was bestowed to the mineral in honor of Alfred Grandidier, a French explorer and geographer who thrice traversed the island of Madagascar; the place where grandidierite was first discovered in 1902 by French mineralogist, Alfred Lacroix.


It is a blue gemstone and blue stones promote spiritual awakening, peace and tranquility. They can encourage you to communicate in a calm and clear manner.


It inspires selfless service, mind/body/soul healing, altruism and awareness in action at the highest level. I truly feel that Grandidierite is a Master Healing crystal, specifically for the areas from the Heart Chakra and up through the Crown.



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