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Grief and Loss Crystal Pouch Set


Healing Crystals for Loss and Grief

Whether you are grieving someone's death, wish to use crystals to help you with grief associated with the death of a pet, or you are processing the loss of something meaningful to you, healing crystals can help. Healing crystals are naturally occurring stones that are believed to possess healing properties. Healing crystals and stones can help you work through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues associated with loss and grief.

Grief isn’t solely reserved for physical death, it can be a spiritual loss, an emotional loss, or even a change in circumstance can bring on a loss too. Have courage, have patience, and remember to take a deep breath.

Kind of loss; it could be the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or plan, or even the fading of the lives we were living. Loss and grief shows up in many forms and we rarely emerge from this battle the same way we went in. Grief is messy and there’s no straight line through it. And while it may feel that the pain is too big to bear, there are small ways you may be able to help shift or ease the overpowering energy that comes with loss.

Crystals aren’t a magic wand that can take the pain away, but they can provide a soft source of comfort and healing vibrations to help guide you through this time. Different gemstones have different powers, some can bring soft compassion, others inner-strength, but all of them will be working towards the same goal – helping you deal with the loss and to enter gentle acceptance. People say that you never fully move out of grief, but that you learn to master it in time. Take a look at these crystals for grief and we hope that they can bring you comfort…


ChrysocollaReady to cut through those feelings of weighty guilt, anxiety, and lingering depression, Chrysocolla is a cool spring shower for your soul. Thanks to its calming properties, Chrysocolla helps to lower blood pressure.


Rose Quartz- for self-compassion.


Rhodonite- for gentle acceptance.


Moonstone- for coping with cycles of change.


Pyrite- for adrenal burnout protection.


Amethyst- for a natural tranquilizer.


Smoky Quartz- for staying grounded.


Lepidolite- for releasing suffering”


Obsidianused as healing crystals. These crystals can help to ground your grief, allowing you to process it in a healthy way.


Angelite. Helps communicate with angels


Larimar or Caribbean blue calcitefor Inner Peace and Acceptance

It radiates a peaceful and centering energy that is helpful in bringing about inner peace and acceptance during difficult times, including during periods of grief. This is an especially helpful stone to use if your loss was sudden or unexpected, or if you're struggling with anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions associated with the loss of your loved one. Wear the larimar as a pendant or necklace, where it will send soothing energy to your heart and throat chakras to help calm and soothe you during difficult times.


Grief can feel endless and during the darker moments we really need to find a kindness and certain kind of strength stashed deep within. Time will help to heal these raw wounds but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find a sense of softness along the way. We hope these crystals can help you to find comfort and loving energy that keeps you afloat and connected to a promise of the return of some kind of inner peace along the pathway of these difficult times. 

Sending love . 💜

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