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Anti High blood pressure bracelet


Stress and tension are the main causes of erratic blood pressure. As crystals are capable of calming you down as well as regulating your heart palpitations, controlling high blood pressure using the right crystals is a plain-sail!

High blood pressure is a result of lack of space or high pressure suffered by the bloodwhen pumped through the blood vessels. Often a cause of fatty deposits, the same leads to your heart exhausting itself to pump enough blood through your body every day.

An exceptional stone with life-changing attributes, Lapis Lazuli helps in flushing the toxins that plaque the blood vessels out of the body. The indigo crystal possesses the power to regulate your heartbeats as well as clear the toxins out of your blood vessels.

A unique rock that also heals the thyroid gland, Lapis Lazuli is excellent on boosting the immune system too. Wear this Lapis Lazuli Stone chips Bracelet on the area of pain or on the heart chakra at all times to alleviate High BP.

·         Rhodonite

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 22

Balancing blood pressure in your body is the chief function of rhodonite. Radiating calming and soothing vibrations, the gorgeous pink crystal is a reassuring stonethat boosts your rate of blood circulation as well.

For hyperactive kids to over conscious parents, Rhodonite is for all those who can’t stop over thinking about everything around them, which subsequently adds to heartache. Wear this Rhodonite Pendantfor combating stress and building up emotional stability like no pill!

·         Black Tourmaline

Dipped Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace Raw Stone Schorl Chakra Healing Crystal Point Pendant Colar - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 4

A protective stone that keeps stress andnegativity out of the wearer’s way, Black Tourmaline is an excellent gift and amulet to give your loved ones with a history of stroke. Black tourmaline in addition to maintaining your blood pressure also boosts the health of your nervous system. A grounding crystal, black tourmaline helps during high stress situations to transfer the excess heat from the body into the ground.

If heating up fast is your major problem, order this Black Tourmaline pendant for a nervous system makeover!

·         Sodalite

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 22

A purifying indigo color energy, Sodalite works well on lowering the blood pressure in a jiffy. Keeping sodalite on your Anahata chakra up to 30 minutes after waking up and before bed resets your heart easily, sans distress. When worn regularly, sodalite imparts a healthy heart vibration on the wearer that opens up a stress-free lifestyle too.

Try your hand at this Sodalite Heart Crystalwith Reiki Healing Properties for loosening your stress during high blood pressure or situation of emotional upheaval.

·         Malachite

Turquoise Quartz Gem Stone Statement Pendant Necklace - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 13

A feminine stone full of compassionate energy, malachite also treats respiratory, bone and balance disorders, in addition to epilepsy and High BP. An intuitive crystal that beware the wearer before danger dawns, malachite must be worn on the heart chakra to bust the stress.

Stabilizing of blood pressure is the trademark of Malachite Pointed Pendant as it also cultivates harmony in and around the wearer.

·         Picture Jasper

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 17

Yet another rare and unique stone, picture jasper is a captivating stone to your mind and heart, equally. A stimulant to the immune system of our body, picture jasper detoxifies the toxins from your blood vessels and pumps blood evenly around.

Wear this Picture Jasper Pendant for a complete cure to stressful situations with a flick of your finger now!

Hematite can help the one who suffers from anemia, and other blood disorders. Furthermore, it can help with the formation of new bloodcells as well as helps with the production of blood within bone marrow.

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Your Crystal Prescription: High Blood Pressure

Natural remedies such as aromatherapyand breathing exercises can drastically affect recovering from chronic high blood pressure too.

Try one of the above or gift it your geriatric friend suffering the cringes of High BP and tell us all about it in the comments below.

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