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Hungry Ghost month protection bracelet

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The Chinese belief behind the time of the Hungry Ghost is that during this period, these spirits are released from “Hell” to roam free, causing havoc to occur. It is wise to be especially careful if you go out at night and use caution if walking or driving busy streets.

The Ghost Month is from August 16 to September 14 in the China time zone.

During this time period, it is preferable to have more yang than yin energy. Wearing this protective bracelet amulet will protect one during this month.

Black Onyx is used as an incredible stone for blocking negative energies. It is like the shelter that blocks strong, cold winter wind.

Black Onyx has valuable properties for building inner strength, physical vitality within the body, and for increasing willpower. It can be used as spiritual protection as everyday jewelry that shields against psychic attack.

Black Tourmaline is considered as one of the most powerful stones for protection against harmful energies. It creates a powerful energy force field around your aura. In simple words, an aura is the energy circle that covers a person.

A splendid stone, Amethyst radiates positive energy and acts as a protective stone against spirits. By using this crystal you can ward off negative energies and also enjoy protection from psychic attacks and illness.

Jet is a "powerful protector," noting its ability to safeguard its user against negativity and even "curses." It's also said to ground the user to where they are on Earth, reminding them of their place in reality and time.

The raw elements of fire, water, and earth combine together to form obsidian and its abilities to ward off evil energy. Black Obsidian allows us to cut through negativity metaphysically. It doesn’t avoid or shy away from negativity and negative energy; rather, it confronts it and works against it.

Smoky Quartz can effectively remove negative spirits or energies in a space. Smoky Quartz is a very protective stone and can be used as an amulet to ward off danger.

Smoky Quartz has the ability to banish negativity. It “absorbs” the bad vibrations around you.

Tibetan Mantra " The Mantra of Universal Protection"

10mm Bead size

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