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Hypersthene is a powerful and highly beneficial crystal when it comes to developing one’s psychic abilities.

Not everyone is blessed with a strong gift of clairvoyance, and even those who are may often find it difficult to use this gift to its full potential.

Hypersthene is known as a “magical stone” for precisely this reason.

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HYPERSTHENE Healing Properties

-Is ideal for both home and business environments.

-Facilitates a person to be less judgmental.

-Aids one to become more tolerant/less critical, and more appreciative of the ways of others.

-Aids in healing work with all chakras; but it works most effectively with the crown, third eye, throat, solar plexus and base chakras.

-Hypersthene helps build a healthy self respect, free of ego driven elements and pride.

-Allows one to determine moral ethics with clarity, and aids them in making appropriate life choices based upon them.

-Guides one to tune into their courage, and thereby remain true to their convictions; this without presenting falsities or pretenses to meet their ends.

-This stone is a natural aid in problem solving in general. It promotes clear and accurate thinking, as well as an organized approach.

-Hypersthene encourages positive beliefs.
Promotes a healthy trust that good will come about.

-Encourages one to be loyal.

-Boosts memory.

-Increases physical energy levels.

-Can enhance physical strength.

-Is known to raise one's spirits when they are dealing with depression.

-Aids in past life regression.

-Is known to strengthen clairaudience as well as other psychic skills and abilities.

-Creates optimal conditions for channeling.

-Facilitates communication with spiritual beings.

-Aids one in achieving a meditative state.

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