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Infinite stone is a type of green serpentine: a mixture of serpentine and chrysotile. Found in South Africa, this stone is considered to be one of the most powerful in its group. Green serpentine, from which it is derived, gets its name from its green color and slightly snake-like appearance. Chrysotile, the other “parent” of infinite, is more of a beige color. You can imagine how the combination of these two stones results in the light, calming green color of infinite stone.

Regarded as more powerful than other serpentine stones, infinite stone has become what is considered a healer’s stone. No one doubts the importance and influence your auric field has and infinite stone is thought to help change this field. Along with changing this field, the stone is thought to help increase the power of reiki and other energetic healing methods. Kundalini energy is thought, also, to be activated by this powerful stone. On top of all of these healing properties, this stone may provide a nurturing energy from the base chakra to the heart. This stone is also known to increase the connection to the angelic realms. Infinite is thought to be a great worry stone. This particular stone may help with decreasing negative thoughts and actions and relieving its user of stress and pain. Infinite may aid those who struggle to have restful sleep when it is placed under their pillows before bed. When you combine the energetic healing methods, restructuring of the auric field, removal of emotional issues, help with sleep, and assistance in bolstering your connection to the angelic realms, it is clear that the powers of infinite can benefit almost anyone in some area of life.

Emotional and mental stress are not the only things that may be alleviated by using infinite—physical issues may also be aided by this stone. Fatigue, joint pain, connective tissue damage, and ordinary daily body pains may be soothed in the presence of this stone. Aside from its observed healing powers, it isn’t hard to see how the previously mentioned effects of the stone would help with physical healing of the body. Restful sleep, stress reduction, and a better outlook due to the easing of emotional trauma will also clearly help to keep physical issues at bay. This amazing stone works in a myriad of ways to promote whole body health. These aren’t even all of the attributes that this derivative of serpentine possesses. The stone may help to aid in cellular regeneration. Most of the physical damage to your body comes in the form of cells being injured or destroyed, and this stone may actually serve as an ally to your body’s natural ability to regenerate these damaged cells. In so many ways, infinite is regarded and sought after as a nearly perfect healing stone among crystal healers.

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