5D Healing Crystals

Jade Pendant

₱800 ₱1,500
Free Gold Plated Stainless chain
This donut like disc symbolized the after life, serving as a conduit between heaven and earth. Since jade was considered as the stone of heaven, the small hole acted as a way to channel God, being able to see and speak directly to God.
Jade PI (bi) Disc - The shape of the Pi is a continuous circle, representing the endless circle of life, longevity, ever-lasting life. Although this happens to be a very fashion type look, it is not that different from how a piece of jade may have been displayed by the traditional Chinese people for thousand years ago.
PI (bi) is a round flat piece of jade with a round hole in the middle. Cong is a rectangular piece of jade with a round hollow to accentuate the ancient Chinese theory that heaven is round and earth square.  Jade, like PI (bi) disks, has been used throughout Chinese history to indicate an individual of moral quality, and has also served as an important symbol of rank. They were used in worship and ceremony – as ceremonial items they symbolised the ranks of emperor, king, duke, marquis, viscount, and baron with four different kweis and two different bi disks.

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