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Lunar Meteorite 02 (Rare)

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Lunar meteorites! These genuine Moon rocks were found by meteorite collectors in Northwest Africa in 2021. Lunites (lunar meteorites) offer a unique opportunity to connect with the moon and work with crystal energy that is out of this world! Metaphysically, meteorite's healing properties can be used to balance and align the energy body(s). Lunar energy is also an excellent choice to work with during various phases of the lunar cycle for manifestation and clearing.

Meteorite Crystal is a Spiritual Stone that brings the user into a heightened state of awareness and metaphysical abilities.

This stone is a direct link from our sun to the center of Earth. It carries Solar energy, which is known as Yang Prana or life force energy.

The word meteor comes from the Greek words “meteo”, which means “high in the air” and “genes”, which means “produce”. This is what Meteorite Crystal does, it brings to the user high spiritual energy from the sky.

This stone will also help to enhance omni-directional awareness because of its point at both ends. You can use Meteorite crystal to magnify and enhance anything that you want to do.

This stone brings a lot of energy into the auric field. It is a powerful tool of manifestation, especially when combined with other Spiritual Stones. This crystal brings its user enlightenment and enhances awareness of our spiritual abilities.

It also helps one get more in-tuned with the environment and to become more connected with nature.

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