5D Healing Crystals

Mama's Bracelet


Lepidolite balances the hormones. It lifts low morales caused by reduced hormone production and will help moms stay in control. It is also a stone of tranquility and peace of mind.

Sunstone will put them in good mood and promotes harmony, It is the stone of happiness and positivity.

Blue chalcedony relieves frustration and will enable them to refocus when feeling lost. It is also a stone of open communication.

Golden rutilated quartz will help them manifest their little wishes and heart's desires.

Green aventurine to help open new experiences, new adventures and new opportunities. It will encourage moms to adjust and accept changes. It blocks the harmful effectd of EMF and radiation.

Carnelian will help them keep up the pace and give them energy when feeling worn out. This stone will deflect all forms of negativity.

Lithium Quartz will calm the nerves and relieve anxiety. It will encourage moms to come out and seek out other people.

Amazonite empowers moms and and women in general. It is a stone of inspiration and gentleness.

Fluorite encourages the body to use calcium to build strong bones. It alleviates joint pain and rheumatism,. It is also a stone of focus, clarity and concentration.

Mookaite jasper slows down aging and helps with restful sleep. Helps boost the immune system.

Pink opal heals emotional and physical illness. It will give them strength and a sense of renewal.

Chrysocolla is a nurturing stone and considered the best gift for mothers.

Kunzite is a heart based chakra stone of gratitude and happy
relationships. It fills us with love and encourages us to forgive.

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