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Mexican Fire Opal Pendant (Rare)

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Fire opal signifies love and passion not only for people but for different life aspects such as careers and hobbies. Representative of good luck and success, this stone is believed to attract more customers when placed in your work area.

The stone is recommended for those who are active with a positive outlook. Its fire patterns are likely to fill one with joy and a sense of natural beauty. Just a look at this gem reveals the strength as well as the energy of its inner fire-like appearance.

Generally, people use opals instinctively for working on a few aspects of their personality. Fire opal is certainly not excluded. It is known to promote the drift of emotions and introduces courage, energy, strength, and endurance.

Its warm, flashing red-orange tones trigger a positive impact on the psyche and act as the mediums of harmony, peace, and friendliness.

The gemstone is linked to the second chakra called Svadhisthanarepresenting sexuality. Thus, it helps in sexual healing by cleansing the memoirs related to the unfavorable or negative past experiences in this matter and making us realize our probable abuses of this vital energy. Thus, this stone is often recommended to couples for improving their married life from this aspect.  

Fire opal is also known to help us get a better view of the present relationships for improving them. On the physical plane, it is believed to overcome energy deficits, stabilize the cardic system, fight infections, and kindle adrenaline production. It can also relieve one from lower back injuries and kidney ailments.

This gem is known to increase self-confidence in shy people. The fire-like appearance tends to kindle their confidence.

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