5D Healing Crystals

New Beginnings and Manifestation Set


5 crystals+fluorite generator: Php1000
Bracelet: Php800.00
Crystal Set Bundle: Php1600.00

New moons are known as a celestial clean slate, and these vibes coupled with the New Year are making letting go and moving on all the more important.

What do you want to leave behind in 2022? What do you want to change and pursue in 2023? Think on it, manifest it, and take action!

It's time to open your heart to those seemingly unattainable dreams and desires — the ones that thrill you and scare you in equal measure. This moon is giving you its blessing. What do you want to manifest?

Remember, if you can see it in your mind’s eye, you are sure to be able to achieve it.

We have created this special combination of crystals to help you set your goals and give you the boost you need to accomplish them!

It will help you stay focused and determined in building plans for the future, and guide you to take practical steps to make your dreams a reality.

Crystal set:
1 fluorite generator
1 rose quartz
1 aventurine
1 sardonyx
1 yellow calcite
1 pyrite

Clear quartz, Burmese jade, amazonite, moss agate, lepidolite, amethyst, green agate, sodalite, peach moonstone.

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