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Orange Sapphire Necklace/Bracelet


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The rarest of all in the sapphire family, the Orange Sapphire symbolizes fiery and passionate love in modern jewelry.

Orange Sapphire is a gemstone that combines the unique properties of both Sapphire and the color orange. In metaphysical circles, it is believed to possess the following properties:

1. Creativity: Orange Sapphire is said to enhance creativity and inspire new ideas.

2. Self-confidence: This gemstone is also believed to promote self-confidence and help individuals find their inner strength.

3. Emotional balance: Orange Sapphire is said to help individuals release negative emotions, promote inner peace, and balance their emotions.

4. Physical healing: It is believed that Orange Sapphire can promote healing in the reproductive system, spleen, and pancreas.

5. Spiritual awakening: Finally, Orange Sapphire is said to help individuals awaken spiritually and find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

Overall, Orange Sapphire is believed to be a powerful and versatile gemstone that can offer many benefits to those who wear it or use it in their spiritual practices.

Size: 15”

Stone size: 2-3mm


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