5D Healing Crystals

Peruvian pyrite raw


1. Positive Energy: Navajun pyrite is believed to radiate positive energy, promoting feelings of joy, confidence, and enthusiasm. It is said to uplift the spirits and help dispel negative emotions or energy.
2. Manifestation: Some people use Navajun pyrite as a manifestation stone, harnessing its energy to focus on and attract their desires. It is believed to enhance one’s ability to manifest intentions into reality.
3. Protection: Navajun pyrite is associated with protection, both energetically and physically. It is believed to create a shield of protective energy around the wearer, guarding against negative influences and harmful energies.
4. Grounding and Stability: This mineral is said to have grounding properties, helping individuals connect with the Earth’s energy and find stability in their lives. It may assist in maintaining a sense of balance, especially during times of change or upheaval.
5. Confidence and Willpower: Navajun pyrite is believed to enhance confidence, willpower, and motivation. It may help boost self-esteem and encourage a positive mindset, supporting individuals in pursuing their goals and overcoming challenges.

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