5D Healing Crystals

Pietersite Bracelet 10mm

₱800 ₱1,500

Pietersite is known as the tempest stone because of the hurricanes of energies that this stone can hold, which can bring positive changes to the one who wears it.

It signifies the wild storm that can rage inside you, and the cleansing and renewal that it can bring after the storm has passed.

It is filled with cleansing energies that can get rid of your toxic energy.

Sometimes it will be one challenging period after another.

These experiences carry both negative and positive energies.

You need to cleanse your aura periodically so that the negative energies will not accumulate and dull your aura.

Pietersite is a protection stone that can guard you against anything bad.

It will protect you against negative psychic attacks, as well as attacks of the physical and emotional kind.

This stone can inspire change in a positive way because it can stimulate transformation and inner sight. It will begin a period of self-realization, spiritual awakening, and transformation.

Its healing energies can make you let go of thoughts, beliefs, fears, and worries that cause you pain and sorrow.

It will make you strong enough to handle the truth, give you the willpower to change the things that you can, and accept the things that you cannot.

Pietersite can link your consciousness to the spirit and strengthen the connection that you have with your inner self in a deeper and more spiritual way.

It will give inner guidance as you journey through life, and it will make you more aware of the quality of your thoughts and emotions.

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