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Promotion and Career Success Bracelet

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Commonly referred to as the abundance stone or merchant’s stone, citrine has powerful properties that attract money and career and financial success.

This brightly-colored crystal is an excellent partner for new entrepreneurs, aligning you with wealth and abundance and has a notorious reputation of attracting prosperity to its user.

Carrying or wearing a citrine regularly can help attract money while also encouraging you to explore new opportunities and possibilities for the improvement of your career. The stone also helps promote joy and inner peace, blocking out negative energy to keep you confident and positive all workday long.

Citrine is also associated with the Sun, giving you an extra boost of confidence to take with you on promotional reviews or job interviews. It also keeps you emotionally balanced in order to overcome any work challenges while bringing good luck to any task or project you’re working on.

2. Sunstone

Sunstone is the crystal that promotes career success and is related to wealth and good fortune. It is also known as a lucky stone that brings countless opportunities such as new and exciting responsibilities or a promotion.

Not only that, but this powerful stone also helps inspire a great personal strength, which improves your ability to be firm, stand up to yourself and say what needs to be said. In short, it removes the fear of speaking your mind and clears a path for your truest self to shine and stand.


3. Sodalite

When it comes to taking your career to the next level, it is crucial that you follow your instincts and have self-confidence. So, harness your self-esteem, go to a promotional review or job interview or carry on with your business proposal full of pride with this powerful crystal.

Known for its capability to inspire innovation and creativity, sodalite can give you the confidence to make your dreams come true and stand up for what you believe in.

Associated with the throat chakra, Sodalite also proves to be useful when giving important presentations or speaking in public, providing you a sense of calmness and confidence to share your opinions more freely.

4. Chrysoprase

When fostering new professional relationships and making connections, nothing can heighten your social skills than chrysoprase. This crystal is associated with opening your heart, powering your authenticity and encouraging a heartfelt communication so you can connect on a deeper level with your co-workers or clients.


5. Black Onyx

Help protect your positive career energy with the powerful black onyx. In order to grab any success that you may encounter along with your career, it is crucial that you have a good foundation. Associated with the Root Chakra, the black onyx can help establish such a strong foundation for any kind of career growth.

The black onyx also has several healing properties including permanence, self-control, stamina, and constancy that you need to take your career to the next level. In addition, onyx is also a good go-to stone when you need to make tough decision making during work or when dealing with a negative or difficult colleague. It also helps clear your mind amidst stressful situations and work-related misunderstandings.


6. Carnelian

A friendly and warm crystal, carnelian can boost your motivation and self-confidence. IT is almost like having a close friend by your side, cheering and guiding you on every step of your career.

Thanks to its warm red and orange tones, the crystal features and reflects uplifting energy that brings positivity and cheerfulness into your daily stressful work life. It allows you to be brave and face your work-related fears— whether it is the pressure of a huge project or a big meeting with the boss.

Whatever it is, the carnelian crystal should be by your side giving off a positive and optimistic vibe to get you going.


7. Pyrite

Every professional individual will have moments of doubt. And if you recently find yourself feeling you are not worthy of any wealth and success, then pyrite should help change your thoughts.

Literally looking like gold, pyrite is like a golden nugget of wisdom. With its shiny-mirror like quality, this stone encourages you to look at yourself and see your worth. Also, this is one of the most popular crystal for money and career advancement since it helps you through financial hardships and attract wealth.

Pyrite helps you by forcing golden wisdom and confidence in making your financial and career decisions, fostering wealth in both larger and subtle ways.


8. Selenite

Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, reminiscent of majestic ice crystals formed in hidden caves, but the selenite also offers a powerful cleansing ability.

With this one of the best crystals for career success next to you, it shall penetrate any stagnant, stale or negative energy and completely removing it, leaving your workspace refreshed without any negative inhibitors.


Not only that, but selenite also helps in connecting with your intuitions. It helps you listen to your inner voice and pushing you to follow its guidance towards career success. Also, the crystal works wonders for the most sensitive individuals, providing balance throughout their professional life and workspace.


9. Green Aventurine

Also called the stone of opportunity, the green aventurine is known to be the luckiest of all crystals. This bright green stone helps attract and manifest prosperity, abundance and wealth into your life.

For career advancement, green aventurinecan help you release old habits, destructive behaviors and removing disappointments so that change and new growth can take place. The stone also allows you to embrace changes in your life and help you move forward with confidence.

Not only that, but the stone is also known to boost leadership qualities, increasing new opportunities to come to your way or chances of promotion. Furthermore, it enhances motivation and creativity, allowing you to bring new ideas, innovations and the ability to take improved or new actions in the workplace.

10. Tiger’s Eye

If you feel stuck on your current position or need to shift to a new perspective for projects or tasks at hand, then look no further than the mighty this one of the best crystals for career success. This powerful, multidimensional crystal reminds you that there are a lot of ways to get things done.

When you start to get only one point of view in your career, connect with the beneficial energies of the Tiger’s eye in order to see the situation with a new pair of eyes, reminding you that there are several paths and ways towards career success.

In addition, the stone should also give you the motivation and willpower needed in order to take action and achieve success. Plus, it helps you stay calm even in a chaotic or hectic work schedule and giving you the ability to be a successful leader.


11. Fluorite

If you ever find yourself having a hard time staying focused and motivated on your professional goals or having doubt about your dream, then make sure to have fluorite with you. With powerful healing properties like giving your purpose, clarity, and order, this crystal helps encourage professional growth.

Often associated with the upper and heart chakras fluorite improve cosmic intuition and vision. It is a tool that clears out your thoughts in order to make the right professional actions at perfect times.

As a matter of fact, the defining property of fluorite is its ability to connect the physical and mental reals, which bridges your intuition with your decision-making ability.


12. Green Jade

Since ancient times, green jade has always been one of the most recognized stones for harmony, wisdom, and prosperity. It is considered to be a lucky stone like the green aventurine and promotes a good flow of abundance and prosperity in your professional lives.

If you are thinking to take the new step on your career, a new project or a new business, then you need to plan your financial longevity. For such reason, green jade is the crystal you need. This one of the best crystals for career success will help you stay wise, pushing you to remain consistent and work towards your prosperity goals.


13. Labradorite

Labradorite  is a powerful stone that helps in achieving success in careers. This tone is notorious for providing an individual with luck as well as fiery passion.

Not only that, but the stone also helps bring good fortune and prosperity to its user. Additionally, it provides you with a strong sense of positivity and ensuring financial growth. Also, it helps you develop self-confidence and self-awareness, bringing forth true realization and enabling you to steadily move towards the right path of your professional life.

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