5D Healing Crystals

quantum quattro pebble type bracelet

₱800 ₱1,000
Origin: Namibia, South Africa

Quantum Quattro has a very high vibration. A mixed stone consisting of Chrysocolla, Shattuckite, Dioptase, and Smoky Quartz.
Quantum Quattro allows you to release past trauma, fear, grief, judgmental attitudes, and jealousy, leading toward acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, calmness, and mental clarity. It is thought to help with grounding and addiction. It gives protection from unhelpful energies. It teaches how to take responsibility for your actions, feelings, and thoughts. It assists tough love but also indicates when intervention would be positive.
Quantum Quattro is thought to be beneficial for intercellular structures, thymus, lungs, pancreas, insulin, thyroid, metabolism, T cells, liver, kidneys, digestive tract. It is also said to be good for digestion, pain relief from blocked trauma, arthritis, and the immune system.

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