5D Healing Crystals

Rainbow Quartz Sphere


Very positive meanings and effects are condensed. Just as its name says, this gemstone has the power of a rainbow. You can see a rainbow inside the gemstone when you light it up. From ancient times, it has been used as a sacred item because people believed that rainbows have positive energy. Rainbow is a famous lucky symbols. It would give the owner hope & light.

It would hold back your negative feeling & fill you with happiness. This positive energy can influence other people, too. It can work for all the people around you and the environment. This gemstone is good for people who work in service industry. Rainbow Quartz can ease all the sadness & anxiety around you.

Increasing overall luck, it can heal & vitalize all kinds of energy. Rainbow Quartz is good for people who want to increase love, work health, all the luck evenly. It useful from beginners to advance people.

This mysterious shine is considered as the energy of Gods. It is gemstone that has used for healing from ancient times. This magical power is still loved by the people all around the world.

Size: 25mm

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