5D Healing Crystals

Red Amethyst Bracelet 8mm



Red amethyst is a unique combination of two powerful gemstones – amethyst and hematite. If you put together the intuitive capabilities of amethyst with the grounding, tenacity and passion of hematite, you get red amethyst.

Both of these gemstones have their own unique properties, but when they work in tandem it creates a calming and focused rotation of energy in the body. Red amethyst keeps the energetic flow moving and allows you to be mindfully grounded while gaining a fearless conviction in your pursuits. If your confidence is waning, you need to clean out your mind space, or if you need to reassure and reinvigorate your sense of self-worth, this is the gemstone for you. Think of it as your reset button, and get ready for a brand new you.

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