5D Healing Crystals

Red Rutilated Quartz Piyao Pixiu (Rare)


. Energy Amplification: Like clear quartz, red rutilated quartz is said to amplify energy, making it a powerful stone for manifestation and intention setting.
2. Vitality and Passion: Red is often associated with vitality and passion, and red rutilated quartz is thought to enhance these qualities in one’s life.
3. Protection: Some believe that red rutilated quartz can provide protection against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation.
4. Grounding: Despite its amplifying properties, it’s said to help ground your energy and maintain a sense of balance.
5. Enhanced Communication: It’s believed to stimulate and improve communication, particularly in interpersonal relationships.
6. Emotional Healing: Red rutilated quartz may assist in healing emotional wounds and promoting emotional well-being.

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