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Top Grade Rhodizite Rhodizite from Madagascar

Rhodizite is very powerful when it comes to unlocking or clearing blockages.

Activates all the chakras in your body.

Amplifies your thoughts, actions, words, and emotions, as well as the vibrations in your environment.

Amplifies the energies of other stones.

Increases your self-confidence and your ability to manifest your will.

Rhodizite is also sometimes referred to as the Master Crystal.

Rhodizite crystals are very small, on average only around 3-4 mm in size but they have an amazing energy. The size is really unimportant as they have a powerful zingy energy that knocks your socks off!

What I find amazing is the way they boost the energy of much bigger crystals when you use them with others that may not be as powerful.

If you have a piece of another variety of crystal, that you love the energy of, but its just not working as quickly or as powerfully as you'd like, combine it with one of these tiny pieces.

Important Note: keep your thoughts positive as they magnify the vibrations of both other crystals, and of the thoughts of those in their environment.

You will get what you are concentrating on, as they are the Law Of Attraction in action.

Most of these now come from Madagascar although they were originally found in the Ural Mountains in Russia. They have also since been found in England and Wisconsin in the USA.

The color of these tiny crystals are usually either yellow, grayish, white or colorless, and you can sometimes get them in their matrix, like the one below, but this may be less common. Their size ranges from very tiny, like the ones in the matrix, though to quite small, but big enough to handle.

I bought just one small crystal at first, but once I discovered their energy I bought another six online. They come in a range of sizes, and I suggest you buy the biggest that you can find, as the biggest ones may still be quite small.

They are not common, and are sometimes labeled as rare. Often they are sold in groups of three as this is how they are recommended to be used when keeping them on the body.

They have a strong resonance, and you may clearly feel it at the solar plexus or power chakra. This energy is known to be especially helpful to boost the strength of your will, and it may aid you to develop stronger will-power.

As this chakra is also related to manifestation, this is why they are an excellent help to boost abundance and prosperity in your life.

They are also powerful stones to use to aid you to develop your psychic gifts, and their energy is known to be very powerful to awaken many psychic powers.
tiny Rhodizite

This includes telepathic abilities, distance viewing, psychic visions and clairvoyant gifts, and maybe other psychic abilities.

Personally, my clairaudient abilities come to life when using them, and my connection to my guides is also elevated by their vibration.

This is a stone that has no negativity within its vibration, nor is it even neutral, but has an unquestionably powerful positive resonance.

They will magnify the energy of any other pieces you use with them, as well as magnifying what you think about.

#Rhodizite is a small stone with great power and potential. Reflective of our own human qualities, this little powerhouse resonates with the Third and Crown Chakras. It both adjusts and strengthens confidence and personal power.

The amplification of the new life energies we are all experiencing are reflected in our stone and mineral friends. Rhodizite is one of the amplification stones for the Mineral Kingdom. One Rhodizite is good… two or three are even better. It seems that the more Rhodizite you hold, the more powerful they become. This stone magnifies whatever it is working with. If you don’t have a large generator to send out messages of peace and love, then let a Rhodizite create the energy of a generator with only your programmed hand-held crystal.

Used in this way, you can place Rhodizite onto a prosperity grid, or tape several onto the several stones around your meditation space. The magnifying vibrational properties and enhancement to its surroundings makes this little mineral a true powerhouse of great possibilities.

This is one of the rare stones that does not need to be cleared as it circulates the energy in and around itself to recycle stagnate or negative energy and move it through the energy fields. An 8.5 on the hardness scale, Rhodizite is considered a complex mineral of borate containing potassium, cesium, beryllium, aluminum, boron and oxygen. It most often forms as a rhombic dodecahedron and is usually colorless, white or yellow.

For healing, think Rhodizite. Weak chakras stagnate chi, or chronic illness can all be corrected by placing a small piece of Rhodizite on the weakened area, or by wearing it in jewelry or in a pouch. Consider further enhancing your psychic abilities by placing a small Rhodizite at the Sixth Chakra center. Program an Aventurine for health, and use a Rhodizite to amplify the program. Since this is a time of creativity and instant manifestation, having only one small Rhodizite with you daily will create more possibilities than any of us can imagine.

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