5D Healing Crystals

Ruby Zoisite Pendulum/Pendant


Ruby Zoisite will enhance the connection between your heart and your brain.

In life, they will not always get along. What the heart wants is something that the mind will usually rebuff.

But with the presence of Ruby Zoisite, they will find a way to work together and produce amazing results.

Ruby Zoisite has a strong spiritual nature that will also help your consciousness and spiritual learning. It will give you access to your soul memory, and it’s a spiritual stone that will be a very potent tool to anyone who wants to reawaken her spirituality.

The unique harmony of the stone’s colors also symbolizes the sense of bliss that you can enjoy in life when you allow yourself to relax and let go.

Don’t be the kind of person who spends her days stuck in the office or holed up at home.

The world is vast, and there are so many things that you can do and places you can explore. You create the life that you want, and you shouldn’t let your job or other responsibilities keep you from enjoying life!

Ruby Zoisite will give you energies of healing that will help you release suppressed anger or feelings of self-harm or self-disregard. The past is the past, and everything that belongs to the past should no longer be in your heart.

The longer and tighter you hold on to these harmful feelings, the more they will corrupt you from the inside. The energies of the Ruby Zoisite will help you bring these hidden feelings to the surface and finally release them from your heart.

This stone will also renew your commitment to a higher purpose. It will make you think about the things that you hold pure and true.

It will give you courage and fortitude when facing a stressful time in your personal or professional life. Ruby Zoisite will boost your self-confidence.

It will ground you when you’re starting to feel overcome with your mental and emotional load. It will show you how you can control your thoughts and how you can respond to everything that happens to you.

Healing Properties:

Treats Impotency and Frigidity
Improves Blood Circulation
Aids Heart Disorders
Helps Recovery of Diminished Physical Vitality
Helps Overcome Depression
Assist Adrenal Fatigue
Assist Immune Problems
Aids Physical Heart Problems
Stimulate Inactive Thyroid
Aids ChemotherapyRadiation Treatment

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