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Rudraksha Mala


Rudraksha tree is known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus. It is a large evergreen tree that usually grows in a subtropical climate. This tree is mainly found in the foothill of the Himalayas, in the Gangetic plains, and the regions of Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Rudraksha seeds are also known as blueberry seeds as the outer husk of the seed is blue when fully ripe. Lord Shiva is also often depicted in blue representing infinity. This seed is of great significance among the spiritual seekers because of its association with Lord Shiva. It is revered as a manifestation of the tears that the Lord once shed.

Research carried out by a team of scientists led by Dr. Suhas Rai of the Institute of Technology in Varanasi has revealed that Rudraksha seeds contain subtle electromagnetic atoms that influence our bodies. 

So, what are the benefits of wearing a Rudraksha mala?

The wearing of Rudraksha mala (rosary),  which consists of 108 beads, has multiple benefits. 

  1. Rudraksha Acts as a protective shield for the body
  2. Radiates special energy that has a positive effect on the body, mind, and soul
  3. Mitigates negative karma
  4. Improves concentration
  5. Removes harmful planetary effects
  6. Brings peace and harmony
  7. Helps control stress and regulates blood pressure
  8. Balances the chakras and removes potential illnesses

In the Vedas, Rudra is also associated with the wind and the storm. This wind is no ordinary wind but the cosmic wind. Scientific studies have revealed that the whole cosmos is pervaded by numerous particles that are continuously moving, and constitute interstellar matter. This matter leads to the destruction and creation of new celestial bodies. It is these particles that connect one object with another and keep the cycle of creation and recreation going. The winds caused by the movement of these particles are the cosmic winds. These winds are very powerful and make their howling sound in the universe, unperceived by the human ear. 

5 Mukhi Rudraksha: Kalagni Rudra is the presiding divinity of this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha enhances our inner awareness, leading us to our Higher Self.

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