5D Healing Crystals

Sakura Agate Bracelet


Like gorgeous pink pebbles with nature’s art inscribed on their glossy surfaces, these flower agate crystals have beautiful blossoming flower-shaped markings across their bodies, created by the chalcedony growth within. Be transported and supported by cherry blossom agate. This is the stone for blossoming and becoming.


As a stabilising stone for grounding, Cherry blossom agate evokes a sense of comfort and that everything will be ok. These healing crystals bring peace, equanimity and the ability to soften and surrender to all life throws at you, encouraging you to grow through what you go through. Just like the Japanese cherry blossom, you are reminded that growth is not immediate; it takes time and patience to develop into your truest, most beautiful, vibrant self.


The pink pigments in the stones work to activate your heart and root chakras, bringing in stability, stress-relief and grounding energies. Take as long as you need to blossom. Take your time. Trust in your path, your process. Good things await you.


This is a simple little meditation for checking in with your body (notably the heart, root and sacral chakras) and seeing what comes up as you do. Effective for those with broken hearts or painful periods.


Sit or lie still, comfortably, like water in a lake. Tranquil. Let the breeze ripple your surface. Don’t fight it. Surrender. Forget everything you know about mindfulness and meditation. Let the mind wander like clouds scudding the sky. If thoughts or images come, let them. The tip of the tongue lies softly against the roof of the mouth, like it does when you’re asleep. You are free from any self-limiting beliefs or conditioning. Nowhere to be, nothing to do. Except being present. Being here, in this sacred space created by your intention to be still. Let the cherry blossom agate hold space for you. Take in oxygen. Take up space. Touch your body where it needs touching. We have healing Life Force in our hands, which are an extension of the infinitely loving and compassionate heart chakra. You were born to breathe in the universe and take up as much space as you need. 

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