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Scolecite "The Connectivity" crystal is seen as a crystal that has the ability to connect and network the paths of the innerself with the proper "tubular etheric connections" the body is familiar with. Scolecite gets its name from the Greek term "Scolex" meaning a worm due to the #geometric shape it forms in.
It is important to be familiar with the geometry of crystals as it connects with not only the #frequency but also the area of the body that the stone will be most effective. Scolecite is also known as the "Team Crystal" as it works great to connect crystals that may be ob separate wavelengths.

Why Would You Use Scolecite?

Scolecite is a powerful rebalancing stone, especially for people who have spent a large amount of time in high-energy environments. In Chinese philosophy, scolecite is associated with Yin energy, in contrast to Yang energy.

Yang energy is outward-focussed, whereas Yin energy is inward-focussed, and promotes self-love and self-healing.

If you have spent a significant amount of time in Yang environments, such as high-powered work environments or social events, you may need a good dose of the Yin energy of a stone like scolecite to “recharge.”

This is especially important for people who are introverted – that is, who gain their energy from being alone.

Scolecite will speed up the recharging process, helping you gather your energy and calm yourself so that you are focussed and ready for your next social or Yang-focussed activities.

Note, however, that extroverts need some reflective, self-focussed recharging time sometimes too, so scolecite isn’t wasted on them!

Scolecite can help with spiritual and emotional peace of mind, helping you to develop feelings of connection with a higher power and confidence in your relationship with Him or It.

This is a very comforting feeling for many, many people, but one that is often scoffed at in our modern society.

Just like some of the Yellow Stones, Scolecite can help you move past the derision of your peers and realize that, if these feelings will have measurable, positive benefits for you, they are worth pursuing.

The vibrations of scolecite stones are similar to the comforting, warm feeling of love that you experience with people who you have cared about and shared your life with for a long time.

It is a soothing and energizing stone at the same time, inspiring you towards being a better self while also giving you feelings of comfort with your own self, as you are now.

When paired with Chrysanthemum Stone, it promotes serenity and the feeling that “what will come, will come, and we’ll meet it when it does.”

It will effectively prepare you to deal with potential problems, but not allow you to fixate on these problems, and instead allow you to focus your mind on the positive aspects of your life as you currently experience it – and there will always be positive aspects of your life as you currently experience it!

How Will Scolecite Help You?

Scolecite will help you develop your self-love and self-confidence.

By introducing this stone into your life, and pairing it with Eudialyte, you will become more comfortable with yourself, and learn how to create a positive relationship with your own mind, which is an extremely useful and rare skill for anyone to learn.

For those of us who feel uneasy when they are on their own, especially when they feel that “bad thoughts” are just on the edge of their consciousness, prepared to swoop in at any moment, scolecite may be the perfect stone for you.

It will allow you to rest easy with your own mind, rather than being afraid of “bad thoughts.” For better effects, you should combine it with the February Birthstone.

The calming energy of scolecite stones can help those who deal with anxiety and insomnia, helping you sleep easily when the energy around you is rattling around inside your brain.

It will help you clear your mind of fears and worries, especially those that are focussed on potential future events, or on past mistakes that you can’t change now (especially those pesky mistakes that everyone else has forgotten about, but that linger with us for years).

Once you are freed of those feelings and anxieties, you will be able to enjoy your own company much more.


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