5D Healing Crystals

Seer Stones


Seer Stones "Ema Stones" are generally made from a stone that has been naturally tumbled in a river. This gives them a frosted look on the outside. Spotting Seer Stones is a real art as they are very difficult to find for the untrained eye.

When these frosted stones are cut and polished on one end, these faces or “windows” show their inside clearly. The most wonderful specimens are coming from Ema River in Brazil currently. This is how they have also become known as Ema Eggs.

Seer stones have been used as an aid to scrying for a long time with the first recorded history coming from the Bible. They have been used as a divination tool by ancient prophets. It is said they can show you the past, future and present by taking you deep within your inner self or connecting you to the Word of God.

It is also believed that you can program a Seer Stones in order to go to a specific time so that you can access the knowledge you need from that time. Seer Stones will come to a person when they are ready and willing to take an honest look within and ready to accept the truth.

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