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Why Do You Need Shungite Plates?

Each year scientists publish journals about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation on human health. It is a fact that these radiations cause the development of cancerous cells. Human biofield has an electromagnetic nature. Cell phone radiation suppresses the biofield and influences pathogenic to an organism. Forewarned is forearmed.

The simplest method of protecting ourselves from these EMF influences is to stay away from its sources. Unfortunately, in our modern day, this has proven to be impossible.

Today, most people are taking advantage of the unusual properties of shungite to protect themselves from electromagnetic radiations. The more you have shungite emf protection items you have the more you will be protected from the negative effects of these radiations.

There is a shungite plate that can reduce the radiations emitted by your cell phone or laptop.

Cell #phones are slowly becoming a source of danger, a weapon that is so disastrous than smoking. Avoid using them for long conversations and do not allow your kids to use cell phones to protect them from their harmful effects.
Scientific studies have proved that placing a shungite plate on your cell phone or laptop can weaken the impact of these #radiations in your body.

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