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Sunset sodalite

₱800 ₱1,800

Sunset Sodalite is a blend of traditional Sodalite and Feldspar. This creates an energy that stimulates our mind, our ability to communicate and our sense of confidence/self esteem. It is a stone of honesty and seeing positive solutions. It is a great stone to support scholars, students or teachers as it allows us to see the deeper meanings behind the things we learn and experience.
Sodalite is said to aid our intuition and I believe it does this by bringing strong, calm, rational energy to our mind, allowing us to become more aware and in control of our mental thought patterns (a great meditation ally!). This brings clarity, which in turn creates the space for us to hear what our intuition is trying to tell us. The Sunset element boosts our solar plexus energy, so we trust and feel more confident about any intuitive information we receive.
The throat and solar plexus chakras are strongly linked ~ if we betray our own truth or integrity, lack self confidence or self esteem, if we have given our power away in any way or have trust issues, then this energy also manifests at the throat. This makes it difficult to speak our truthor pushes us hard in the opposite direction, so we talk too much about incidentals in an effort to avoid the real issues.
Sunset Sodalite calms all of that energy down, allowing a positive energy link to be created between the solar plexus and throat so as we work to improve one chakra, it automatically has a beneficial impact on the other. If you are working to enhance, strengthen or expand your spiritual awareness and gifts, this is the perfect stone to work with as it also stimulates the crown chakra & pineal gland, providing gentle and consistent stimulation.
Sunset Sodalite is a crystal to work with for several weeks if possible in order to gain the most benefit as it takes time to raise our vibrations. Sleep with it, pop it in a bra or pocket, but try to keep it on you for as long as you can (its fine if you prefer not to sleep with crystals, just pop it on the bedside table and pick it up again the next morning). Slowly, but surely, the strength and support you receive from Sunset Sodalite.

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